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We analyze millions of home sales to find buyer's agents who will show you the perfect home with the right price.

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We analyze over 27 million transactions and thousands of reviews to determine which agent is best for you based on your needs.

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Our service is 100% free, with no catch. Agents don’t pay us to be listed, so you get the best match.

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It takes just two minutes to match you with the best real estate agents, who will contact you and guide you through the process.

Save thousands when buying a home

HomeLight recommended real estate agents are top-tier negotiators who understand the market data that helps you save as much as possible when buying your dream home.

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Erica L.
Russ Lyon Sotheby's International

Saved on 2275 45th Avenue in San Francisco

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Kent B.
London Pierce Real Estate
3020 45th Avenue

Kent helped buy 3020 45th Avenue in March, 2018

Take the stress out of house-hunting

Who’s got time to dig through millions of online listings to find a dream home? Slogging through endless web searches can keep you up at night, visiting bait-and-switch open houses is more than frustrating, and clicking through photo after photo can make your eyes cross.

A top real estate agent can take that burden off your shoulders. They’ll only show you the properties that meet your standards and specifications, they’ll show you more of them, and they’ll schedule open house appointments on your schedule.

Get a grip on the housing market

Top real estate agents have worked with both sellers and buyers in your area—they’ve seen all of the ups-and-downs in the market, they’ve closed more deals in the neighborhood and, at a glance, can point out which homes are underpriced or overvalued. Tap into a top real estate agent’s years of real estate experience to save time and energy every step of the way.

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Lloyd C.
Realty One Group

Homes closed in San Francisco

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Tailor your agent search to your needs

You let us know what you’re looking for in a home and in a real estate agent and we’ll do the research. We only recommend the top performing real estate agents working in your area⏤those with a proven track record of success handling needs like yours. HomeLight recommended real estate agents have first-hand knowledge of the:

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Expect more from your real estate agent

The top buyer's agents maximize your chances of finding the perfect home by showing you more properties that exceed your expectations while staying within your desired budget. Use this checklist to make sure your buying agent provides the best service, like:
Brings recent knowledge and experience to help you navigate the local market
Becomes your #1 supporter and strategic advisor throughout the home buying process
Prepares all required documentation and written offers
Provides the top local contacts of home inspectors, title companies, and other home service professionals
Reviews various financing options with you
Negotiates like a pro to get you the best price
Ensures your loan closes in time so you can secure your dream home

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